Tuesday, 22 September 2015


For our Market Day yesterday we managed to raise a whopping $468.70 for the Ronald McDonald House! This is amazing and even more than our teachers expected! We want to say a HUGE thank you to all the families that supported us and our Market Day! :)


WOW! What an amazing day we have had. Today in Piako 2 we finally hosted our Market Day! We have been working so hard all term to learn all about needs and wants, social responsibility, economic roles, branding, and advertising as well as using the information we learnt to both choose and make our products to sell.

Our hard work paid off today! Everyone LOVED our products and almost every stall sold out! We loved having the opportunity to be both retailers AND consumers today, lots of us went home with goodies we had purchased. 

We have had the BEST DAY!!!!!!

Sunday, 20 September 2015

Social Responsibility

Last week in Piako 2 we learned all about Social Responsibility. We WONDERED what we could do with our own profits from Market Day that could help other people. We brainstormed lots of different ideas together and eventually voted on what we thought was the best option. The charity with the most votes was the Ronald McDonald House! This charity is very important to us in Piako 2. Some of us have even stayed there ourselves when our siblings or family members have been sick.

We can't wait to see how much money we can raise for them!

Sunday, 13 September 2015


Over the next two weeks half of our Maths Sessions will focus on the Measurement Strand of the Maths Curriculum.  We will be looking at Time and Temperature.  We will be learning the days of the week, months of the year, and seasons.  We will learn how to tell the time using analogue clocks initially and depending on how flash we are, we might even learn to tell digital time.

You can help us at home by making us aware of what time it is, what time we need to leave to come to school, when is tea time etc.  You might like to tell us how long we have to get ready, or eat our tea.  Putting the timer on the microwave to countdown while we do something helps us realise how long ten minutes is for example.

In the other half of our lessons, we will continue to do our Strategy and Knowledge workshops with the teachers.  In Strategy we are still focusing on Multiplication and Division and for Knowledge this week we are looking at Grouping and Place Value (ie How many tens are there in 30)

Thanks for helping us in our learning journey - our teachers really appreciate it!

Friday, 11 September 2015

The Animal Show!

We had a GREAT time on Friday at Pounanu Atawhai's Animal Party. We got to learn all about the SPCA and were fully entertained by some talented comedians, singers/dancers, gymnasts and even some real life animals. Noah, Bailey, Olivia and Sephia were all lucky enough to be chosen to stand up and take part in some of the fun games the older children had planned!

Thank you so much to everyone who donated. Because of your generous donations Pounamu Atawhai were able to donate over $1000 worth of products to the local SPCA. Think of all the animals that will be helping! 

Noah with his balloon dog, he did so well!
Micah and Dylan LOVED the comedians, they were in hysterics!

            Olivia got up to play a balloon game too!

Thursday, 10 September 2015

Maths Superstars!

Over the last week we have been busy learning about multiplication and division with Mrs Lunn and Fractions with Miss Crowther. We are thrilled to announce that Kalas has moved up a Strategy Stage in Mult/Div! Macy was awarded a certificate for always challenging herself and never just taking the easy option. Great job guys! We are super proud of you both :-)


Tuesday, 8 September 2015


On Monday we received a very special invitation. Pounamu Atawhai have invited us to attend their Animal Party from 10-11am on Friday September 11th in the school hall. They are collecting for the SPCA as part of their Inquiry this term. 

All we need to do to get a ticket to the party is bring one of the following to the School office foyer any morning this week:

  • Pet Food
  • Old Blankets
  • Animal Toys
  • Cleaning Products

Please help us to support this worthy cause! We need a ticket to go to the party and hear it is going to be lots of fun! 

Sunday, 6 September 2015

Isabel's Horseshoes

Today Isabel brought in some horseshoes to show the class and taught us about how they work. We were surprised to learn that horseshoes get nailed onto the feet of horses! We were very relieved when we found out this doesn't hurt them like it would us. Isabel even let us all touch the horseshoes which we thought was pretty cool!

Thanks for sharing and teaching us about horses Isabel, you really are an expert when it comes to horses :-)

Tuesday, 1 September 2015

We love Maths!

Over the next few weeks Miss Crowther is taking knowledge workshops. This week we are learning about fractions!

You can help us at home by getting us to cut out (or draw) pictures or shapes and asking us to cut them in half. You could give us a group of something (like grapes) and ask us to split the group in half (so we each get equal halves). You could ask if we'd like our sandwiches cut in halves or quarters, and how many pieces we will have if we cut it. 

Mrs Lunn is taking our Strategy workshops and over the next few weeks we are focusing on multiplication. You can help us at home by getting us to skip count in 2s, 5s and 10s. We should know our doubles as 5+5 and we should know that that's the same as 2 x 5. If we've mastered that, we could even try skip counting in 3s and 4s! 

Thanks for helping us! We love Maths :)