Monday, 31 August 2015

Economic Roles

Today in preparation for our market day we explored some economic roles. We learned that:

PRODUCERS make products
RETAILERS sell products and 
CONSUMERS (or customers) buy products

We did an activity where we had to sort pictures into each heading. Here are some photos of us hard at work!

Saturday, 22 August 2015


We were super busy on Friday mass producing some of our Market Day products.  We had a production line going for producing the Pet Clouds.  Sephia unrolled the cotton wool, Isabel shaped the cotton wool into cloud shapes, Mrs Lunn glued the eyes on, Jayden put the cloud into a little bag, Ella put in the label and sealed the bag shut and Stevie and Jack counted how many we had made.  We each had our own special job to do and became very good at it.  Together we produced 32 Pet Clouds in less than one hour.  We were a well-oiled production machine!

Thanks for taking the photos Lucas

Wednesday, 19 August 2015

Go Noodle!!

Today we created a GoNoodle and made our own class pet. We were super excited! Our pet will grow with every video we watch. Unfortunately Miss Crowther has just discovered that we can't access the class goNoodle from home, but if you would like to make your own one for home we would love to hear about your new 'pet' and the games you played tomorrow!
The instructions for the free sign up are here: :-)

Market Day Venn Diagram!

We are continuing our journey searching for the best products to sell at Market Day! On Tuesday we completed a Venn Diagram comparing two different products. We worked well together and the teachers were very impressed with our discussions. We can't wait to compare some more products on Thursday!

Tuesday, 18 August 2015

Mr Reid's Phonics..

Today at Phonics time we were so flash that Miss Crowther forgot she was the teacher! Micah was so clever with his sounds that he got to be the teacher and tell us which words to write on our phoneme lines. He also asked us to write a silly sentence and gave us all great feedback on how we were doing. We called him Mr Reid! We are pretty switched on with our CVC (consonant vowel consonant) words, if you want to see you can ask us to robot some words (e.g. cat, mat, hen, pig, dog, mug) at home! We wonder who will get to be the teacher next time...

Thursday, 13 August 2015

We are Effective Communicators!

In LC 16 we have been working hard to become Effective Communicators. We worked together to construct some criteria for what we think would make us a Novice, Apprentice, Practitioner or Expert Effective Communicator. Today we told Miss Crowther where we think we sit on the matrix, and got bronze, silver and gold medals to wear. She was SO impressed with how honest and reflective we were while self assessing. We think our medals are pretty cool! We all want to work really hard to get ourselves a GOLD medal! :-)


Special Visitors!

Today in LC 15 and 16 we had some special visitors! Hamish and his friends from LC 12/13 came and performed a play they had written about bread. We LOVED their performance and the fact that they wrote their own play. Maybe we could try writing a play ourselves sometime...

Market Day Prototypes!

This week we finished making our prototypes to sell at our Market Day later in the term. 
We made lots of different products including angry bird rocks, monster rocks, a blowing ball game, spider webs, bookmarks, caterpillar pegs, ladybird rocks, pet clouds and more! Today we began filling out a checklist to see if each product would be a good one to make. Tomorrow we will be doing a survey to find out which products people will want to buy so we know which ones to make the most of. There is no point in us making lots of something if noone wants to buy it! Based on interest from our own class we think the angry bird rocks and pet clouds will be the most popular :-)

Jessica and Leah making their moustache prototypes

Issac and Zak were proud of their caterpillar clothes peg! 

Alex worked hard with his group to make a floating ball game

Wednesday, 5 August 2015


Well done to our Super Mathematicians Dylan, Riley and Ashlyn who have moved up a Strategy Stage!