Thursday, 13 August 2015

Market Day Prototypes!

This week we finished making our prototypes to sell at our Market Day later in the term. 
We made lots of different products including angry bird rocks, monster rocks, a blowing ball game, spider webs, bookmarks, caterpillar pegs, ladybird rocks, pet clouds and more! Today we began filling out a checklist to see if each product would be a good one to make. Tomorrow we will be doing a survey to find out which products people will want to buy so we know which ones to make the most of. There is no point in us making lots of something if noone wants to buy it! Based on interest from our own class we think the angry bird rocks and pet clouds will be the most popular :-)

Jessica and Leah making their moustache prototypes

Issac and Zak were proud of their caterpillar clothes peg! 

Alex worked hard with his group to make a floating ball game

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