Thursday, 5 November 2015

Noah's Story

It was a dark and stormy night. Tom and Zak were going tramping. They were in the hut and fast asleep. Then... Suddenly they heard some creaking so they tip toed out into the spooky forest. They shivered and ran down the path. The did not see the path end. "Where are we?" said Tom. "I don't know" said Zak. "Arhhhhhh!!" Zak screamed. Zak was 6 and Tom was fourteen. "We are lost". They ran some more and came to a clearing and found a castle. "Yay!" They went in the castle and heard some talking. They followed it but the castle was falling apart. The people all ran for their lives but... a dragon came and took Tom and Zak home. When they got home they said "What an adventure". "What adventure?" said Mum. "None of your business". 

By Noah Easton, Year 1

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