Tuesday, 23 June 2015


Today we planted some pots for Mrs Peck.  We had strict criteria that we had to stick to when we decided what plants to put in.  After a lot of investigating we decided to plant Polyanthas and Pansies.  Here is the process we went through...

First we cut the weed mat
Then we put it in the bottom of the pot over the drain hole so the dirt won't fall out and bugs can't get in

Next we add stones on the bottom to help with drainage

We put in some potting mix up to the 2/3 mark
                                            We needed to loosen the roots so the plant doesn't become root-bound

Place the plants carefully in the pot and push the soil around them
                                                   Put more plants in to fill up the pot

Ask someone super strong to lift the pots outside - thanks Ben's Dad!

Arrange the pot so it looks good

Smile for the camera!   Well done Piako 2!

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