Monday, 27 July 2015

Money Money Money!

In Maths we have been learning about Money. Today the Year 2's had to use the correct coins to purchase items in our shop. Some of us even got creative and thought up tricky ways to make an amount rather than just using $1 and $2 coins! 

You can help us learn about Money at home by asking us to read prices at the supermarket or reading junk mail and telling you which is the cheapest and most expensive item on each page. We might even be able to tell you how to save some money! 

Here are some photos from today's lesson.

Cam was a great shopkeeper today!
Matthew made $3 with 2 $1 coins and  2 50c coins

Dylan was so proud of his clever money counting!

Saul made $5 using 2 $2 coins and 1 $1 coin

Bailey and Dylan made 50c in 2 different ways!

Baeley made 20c using 2 10 cent coins
Darian was a great shopkeeper who kept us honest about our payments!

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