Saturday, 4 July 2015

Right Choice Day!

Today we travelled around the world on our magic carpet as a reward for all the right choices we have been making. Everyone in our class has made so many good choices this term! We are amazing at standing up for/looking after our friends in the playground, being great self-managers, living above the line and taking responsibility for our actions, being kind friends and so many more fantastic things!

We make Miss Crowther SO proud on a daily basis and are always making her smile. We really deserved this fun last day! We had so much fun visiting Russia, Cook Islands, England, Hawaii, Italy and France!

We hope everyone has a wonderful and safe holiday and look forward to seeing all our friends back again next term! :-)

Minion Kaden, Sukhdeep, Tyler and Ninja Micah building an Eiffel Tower in France!

              Baeley and Princess Nicole building their Eiffel Tower in France! 

Princess Cate, Princess Phoebe and Princess Aeva building their Eiffel Tower! 

Noah and Riley used some clever thinking to make their Eiffel Tower stand! 

     Naomi, Alex, Leah, Ethan, Jess, Sam, Julia and Max pulling their best Royal poses in England!

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