Friday, 24 July 2015


Yesterday was our 100th day of school this year! We are 100 days smarter! In Piako 2 we had a big day to celebrate. Our teachers made a whole lot of activities that revolve around the number 100. There were 28 stations with different activities across LC 1, LC 15 and LC 16. At the end of the day Ms Harnett showed us what we would look like as 100 year olds, it was pretty funny!

We had sooo much fun and all had a FANTASTIC day! 

                    We loved making our '100' Monsters!

Jermaine, Ella, Macy and Nicole looked super cool in their 100 glasses! We even got them laminated which we thought was pretty flash!

 Station 8: Skip Counting Hopscotch was a favourite! Noah was a pro!

Mila and Chloe looked great in the beautiful 100 Glasses they made! 

       We were all busy bee's, so focused on our activities!

     Riley, Max and Petra had fun building a 100 cup tower!

We got to make FAIRY BREAD! We were so excited, it was yummy!

Isabel, Saul, and Jayden were looked like superheroes in their cool glasses!

Naomi, Baeley and T.K won prizes for correctly guessing the bag that had 100 pom poms! 

Julia worked hard to make her 100 Monster very pretty!

     Issac pulling his best MONSTER FACE at Station 6!!

We watched a slideshow of us as 100 year olds... Thank you Ms Harnett!

We all had so much fun celebrating!!

Everyone in Piako 2 got a glowstick bracelet to wear home to celebrate being 100 days BRIGHTER!

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